3 Tips on How to Sell Your Photos

April 19, 2009 | Written by Gino | Category: Sell Photography Online

Want to sell your photos online? Before you jump in, make sure you check out these tips below and our eBook on How to Sell Photography Online for the latest tips on how to make the most money selling photos online!

Essential Tips on How to Sell Your Photos

1. Pick the Right Site

There are many sites out there that let you sell your photos online. Each one will give you a different cut of the profits and they all have different terms you need to read carefully. You need to keep in mind certain things such as, how much do they pay you, how popular is the site, how often do they pay out, do your uploads have to be exclusive to their site, what are they allowed to do with your photos once you upload them and so on.

Make a list of the top sites to sell your photos on and write down the pros and cons of each site so you can determine which site(s) are best for your online photo selling business.

2. Pick the Right Niche

Certain types of photos sell extremely well online such as business related photos, concept photos, nature photos and so on. If you wanna sell a lot of stock photos online you should take some time to see what the best selling photos are on each website and see if you can take similar or better ones to sell yourself.

You should not stop taking photos of what you love and what you are good at, but you should keep in mind certain types of photos are more in demand than others and that’s just a fact of the online photography business.

3. Title Tag and Describe

When you upload a photo to a site that lets you sell your photos you are usually asked to add a title, description, tags and so on to help people searching for photos on the site find relevant photos based on their search. You should not try and abuse this feature, but you should make sure you describe your photo as best you can. Again, take a look at the best selling photos to see what their titles, descriptions and tags are like to get an idea of what yours should be like.

Want More Tips?

For more in depth information and tips on this topic check out our eBook about How to Sell Photography Online!